“She’s electable if you f&^%*(g vote for her.” — a drawing featuring Senator Elizabeth Warren

“Media reporting, accounts from organizers, and everyday conversations have revealed that many Americans like a certain candidate (often a Progressive candidate and/or a woman and/or a person of color) but are afraid to vote for them out of fear that they’re not ‘electable’.” PC: Creative Commons

I’m going to take a moment to publicly rant, but I hope with some cool, collected reason. There’s a force that I feel has come to dominate the American political landscape — “electability”. Media reporting…

We’ve kind of, umm, had it. Love, infantilized women (not girls) of the world

In the July 2019 Democratic Primary Debate, Vice President Joe Biden greeted opponent Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) with a handshake and the quip “go easy on me, kid.” Presumably, he was referring to her unsparing jabs…

Kathryn Boland

I'm a writer and movement educator based in Newport, RI. I'm a certified Kids Yoga Instructor and R-DMT (Registered Dance/Movement Therapist). Progressive.

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